Monday, 2 July 2018

Story-time at Lutterworth Library in Leicestershire

I've recently been visiting local libraries. It's great to have the opportunity to share my Hollie and Figgs books in the hope that I attract more young fans for our characters and storybooks.
Lutterworth Library has its own car park which is really useful and is situated in a busy part of the town.
Libraries are great places and I reminisced about all the times I visited my local library when my two girls were young. I can remember the coloruful book train where they would sit for ages whilst reading their favourite book.
The age group that my books are aimed at 5-8 years generally love to read books and/ or are creative with their imagination. I would like to think that their enthusiasm continues far beyond their age.
It was a very hot day 🌞 I set up our plush characters and Claire Lister the librarian hid the laminated characters ready for the character hunt.
I had a smaller audience on this visit. But what was really pleasing was that all the children knew everything about Hollie and Figgs as I had already visited their school with the first book, Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures. They remembered the names of the magical kingdom, characters, and the whole storyline. 🤩 Makes me proud! Their mums were pleasantly surprised that they'd remembered as much as they had.
I really enjoyed reading the second story to them as they were genuinely interested in hearing what came next and learning all about the new characters and new adventure.
Here are some photos I took on the day. You can see that Hollie and Figgs loved having their photo taken too.

Adam and his two twin sisters.


The children were all from Bitteswell Primary School in Leicestershire and ranged from six to nine, a great age group to appreciate the story.
I also played the H&F theme tune which they loved. I can't wait to get some animation to go along with the music. I'm sure I will share it with the world when it's complete:) Thanks again to DannyD @leicsmaxrecords for creating this beauty!!
The children really enjoyed the character hunt but didn't have time to do any colouring in, mainly because we were chatting and taking photos.
I enjoyed chatting with Abigail's mum who has a creative imagination and is also a budding author.  I hope she pursues her dream of getting her work published professionally.
Thank you to the staff at the library particularly Claire Lister for helping me set up and supporting my visit. And to the children, our H&F fans and to the parents who brought them along to join in the fun.
The special golden wishes card was received well and I hope that the children use their cards wisely and make some good wishes as one day their wishes may come true.


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