Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Story-time at Blaby Library in Leicestershire

Beatrice with plush Hollie.
I had arranged to do a story-time and activities at three Leicestershire Libraries. The next will be at Lutterworth Library on Saturday, 30th June 2018 at 11.30am.
This post is about my visit to Blaby Library last Saturday.
Blaby Library isn't as big and equipped as Wigston Library, but it has a welcoming atmosphere and some great resources.
Librarian Claire Bradshaw supported me and helped me set up.

We had about ten children ranging from three to seven years. It was really nice to see dads with their children as I often see mums come along to these type of events.
As always, children loved our Hollie and Figgs characters. The theme music always goes down well. I can't wait to get the animation to go along with it. Again many thanks to Danny from @leicestermaxrecords. Every time I play it,  it not only makes me smile but the children as well which makes all the work worthwhile.
After I read the story we did the character hunt which gets the children active and parents can join in too. There were about twenty-five laminated characters to find around the library. Then the children did some colouring in.
Claire had printed out some Hollie and Figgs black and white colouring in pages. I just love to see how creative children can be.

There was a family of three children who attended with their mum and dad. One of the children called Beatrice was very taken by the story and characters. She came with her sister Phoebe and her younger brother.
Here she is with Figgs.

Here is her picture that she gave to me. This is an illustration taken from the second book, Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow. I love how she has captured the rainbow and colouerd the characters in so beautifully. 
I want to say thank you to all the parents who brought their children along. 
Everyone went away with a sweet treat and a special golden wishes card.
Claire thought that the session at Blaby was lovely and the children had a lovely time.
Thanks again Claire for your help.
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